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Linden wall panel 86 А

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Product has the highest grade, has not knots, defects, color changes, and keeps its shape during the period of operation.

Product Features:

Material - linden wood
Size - 86 * 12 mm
Length - 2.2m

Sauna room, of course, differs from the usual rooms. For its functioning it must satisfy a number of requirements for of steam insulation, sealing and waterproofing. During construction, you need to think about the thermal insulation walls and ceiling, so be sure to put  inside a wooden frame insulation materials.  Next is the paneling of the surfaces and the most popular material for this is the linden  lining. Linden wall panel 86 А  of TM "Tesli" is  high-quality, the product has no defects and during operation will not lose shape.

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