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Door hardware

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Door seal gives sound and heat insulation room, durable, can withstand up to 120 ° C. TM "Tesli" guarantees  a long service life.   ..
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Description It is intended for fixation the door in the closed position. Easy to use, reliable in operation latch will make closing the door easy and convenient.    ..
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Branded stainless steel hinge   ..
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Included:              Handle x2                                 screw x4                       &nb..
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Included:              Handle x2                                   screw x4                   &nbs..
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  Description Firm hinge for glass door TM "Tesli" is made of stainless steel, so that even after long time use saves its appearance and characteristics. It withstands loads up to 40 kg, for holding one door uses at least two hinges, and the weight of a standard glass of the ..
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Construction of saunas  is not an easy process. You need to know some rules and tricks to achieve the desired result. Installation of doors is impossible without these accessories: handle, latch, seal, hinges. Part of the door, which in contact with person should be wooden in order to avoid burns. We offer you a set of handles "Reliable" and "Tesli" which have all the necessary characteristics for use in the sauna.

Сompany «Tesli» produces special hinges  for glass door, glass retention mechanism must be robust, reliable and water resistant, so hinges are made of stainless steel. Among the other important components worth attention seal. It helps the door to keep the heat and steam in the sauna. It withstands temperatures over a hundred degrees Celsius.

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