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Door "Allwood - L"

Product Code: «Глухая - Л»
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This door is made of linden wood for use in the sauna. It can be used for commercial purposes and in home steam rooms. Our products withstands extreme loads and do not lose appearance and physical characteristics for a long time after operation!

Benefits of the model "Deaf - L":

1. Insert covered on both sides of linden lamella.

2. Hydro and thermal insulation installed inside the door.

3. The door jamb made of linden wood.

4. Choose left or right door swing direction when installing, by rotating door assembly 180º if needed.5. The presence of the threshold (excludes drafts and water flow).

5. The latch is made in Germany.

6. Closing mechanism is in the door handle.

7. Original and comfortable handle (does not heat up, easy to install).

8. On request, the door can be equipped with stainless steel hinges.

Warranty - 12 months

All products TM "Tesli" have the necessary certificates and hygienic conclusions for using.


Product’s  Features:

Material – linden wood

The size of the door jamb - 678 x 1880

Sauna in fact, no different from the baths. It is also used birch twigs and steam. There are saunas on wet and dry steam. The room temperature is heated to 70-100º. It is adopted in the Finnish sauna to warm up at first and slowly begin to sweat. Then it is possible and even necessary to pat somebody with birch twigs. The influence of  birch twigs is not only useful for the massage of the skin, also it is precious skin treatment.

We know, you requires a good door to avoid draught and keep the steam in the sauna. Modern companies offer a wide range of doors for sauna.

Brand "Tesli" introduce to you the door for the sauna  "Deaf-L". Due to its functional characteristics, it is ideal, it can withstand extremely high loads and save its appearance for long term using.

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