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The sauna door «Tesli 2050x800»

Product Code: "Tesli" 2050*800
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 Benefits "Tesli" TM doors:

1 Insert made of tempered glass, which has thickness 8mm (stalinite) with a pattern having a high mechanical strength and heat resistance.

2. Hinges made of stainless steel.

3. The door jamb made of linden wood.

4. Choose left or right door swing direction when installing, by rotating door assembly 180º if needed.

5. The presence of the threshold.

6. The latch is made in Germany.

7. Closing mechanism is in the door handle, not in contact with the glass.

8. There is the seal for storing steam and temperature indicators in the sauna.

Warranty - 12 months.

All products TM "Tesli" have the necessary certificates and hygienic conclusions for using.

Product Features:

Material - linden wood

Size of the door jamb -800х2050  mm

Insert - 8 mm tempered glass.

The door is made of tempered glass thickness of 4 mm. The door jamb is made of glued laminated timber of linden, with a sealer compound. The door can be closed on the latch, which is mounted on the door handle, it prevents damage to the glass.


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