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Sauna Vent TM "Tesli" made of quality materials. Adjustable air circulation vents allow fresh air into the sauna for comfortable breathing and help maintain a healthy sauna.                                 &..
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  Application: used in saunas and rest rooms for a comfortable position of the head and cervical spine. It takes the form of the bending neck.   size: 350 * 451 Material: linden   ..
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Application: used for decoration lamp in the corner of the room or near the wall. It scatters light, makes comfort.   ..
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Material: LINDEN. Ring: stainless steel Volume: 7 l. ..
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Material: LINDEN. Ring: stainless steel Volume: 12 l. ..
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Material: LINDEN. Ring: stainless steel Volume: 12 l. ..
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Material: LINDEN. Ring: stainless steel. Volume: 20 l. ..
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Material: Thermal linden   Ring: stainless steel.   Volume: 25 liters. ..
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The company "Tesli" offers a wide range of cooperage products from natural wood for sauna. Traditionally, sauna  can not be visited without the using of special devices. Barrels, buckets, ladles and other wooden utensils transform bath procedures in the real art. However, the using of cooperage products from natural wood is not only a tradition, but also a proven practical and functional solution for centuries.

Advantages of wooden cooperage products for sauna

• Durability. Wood, which was treated  with special heat procedure, has a resistance to moisture, heat, wear, mold. Quality cooperage products for a bath do not deform, are not exposed to a fungus, save an aesthetic appearance.

• Practicality. Wooden utensils are very convenient to use: products have a small weight, do not burn when heated, have a pleasant texture to the touch.

• Environmentally friendly. At high temperatures, unlike many synthetic materials, wood does not emit toxic components.

• Positive energy. A tree is a living material, creating in the steam room a special atmosphere of coziness, comfort, harmony.

«Tesli»  Cooperage

Our company manufactures cooperage products in its own production from environmentally friendly thermal linden and thermal alder with stainless components. 

In our online store you can buy cooperage products  for a bath at affordable prices with delivery all over Ukraine.

Our production:

• Bath wooden buckets   and barrels - containers of various volumes for storage of water, douches, dilution of aromatic oils, preparing herbal infusions, water supply to stones;

•        special wooden buckets –containers with handles and lid for high-quality steaming of the sauna besom ;

•        waterfall for a bath - a device with a wall mount for contrasting douches after visiting the steam room;

•        orthopedic headrests - appliances for comfortable rest on sunbeds;

•        fences for the luminaire - lattice constructions for soft light scattering in the bath;

•        vent with a latch to ensure correct air exchange in the sauna.

We pay close attention to the functionality, reliability and aesthetic characteristics of the utensils for the bath. The design of our products is as close as possible to the classic cooperage products that people used in the old days. To implement traditional constructive solutions, we apply a whole range of modern technologies. Our company controls the quality of products at every stage of the process - from the preparation of wood to the assembly of finished products.

If you want to buy cooperage products, make an order through the basket or call our manager. We will advise you on the choice of quality wooden products and answer all your questions.

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